NowRx Expands with Launch of State-of-the-Art, Same-Day Delivery Pharmacy in San Jose


NowRx, the south bay’s only free, same-day delivery, local pharmacy, available via mobile app, today officially opened its second pharmacy fulfilment center, expanding NowRX’s territory through San Jose, CA. The San Jose facility, which will meet increased demand for NowRx’s services, is driven by patent-pending pharma-technology that uses AI, robotics and more to increase the speed and convenience of prescription filling and delivery. It brings new jobs to San Jose, including pharma technicians and dedicated NowRx delivery drivers. NowRx drivers ensure that prescriptions are hand-delivered within hours to NowRx patients, at no extra cost for the delivery.

“Consumer demand for NowRx’s services has been so strong in the San Jose area that we can better serve those customers with a new NowRx facility. Our business plan is to continue to expand to new territories and serve each community with a local facility. Like our flagship Mountain View pharmacy, the San Jose facility is designed to make sure that no consumer has to leave home, or stand in line, to get their prescriptions filled,” said Cary Breese, CEO of NowRx. “This brand-new, state-of-the-art facility increases the delivery speed of prescription medications to patients in the San Jose area, helping to ensure prescription adherence and a better pharmacy experience, saving consumers hours of wasted time.”

NowRx works just like a regular local pharmacy, but without all the hassle; accepts all major insurance and has the same co-payments as a traditional pharmacy. Just like any other traditional pharmacy, consumers can simply instruct their doctors to send new prescriptions directly to NowRx pharmacy for same day delivery; for existing prescriptions, consumers call or text NowRx pharmacy directly for same day delivery (650-499-3000).

A recently released J.D. Power and Associates report(1) confirmed that consumers who use a pharmacy mobile app are more satisfied than those who don’t and that they like direct communication with their pharmacist and are equally satisfied with email or online live chat.

“The reality is that chain pharmacies want consumers to come in store and shop all their products - so their business model does not focus on giving consumers what they want: rapid fulfillment of prescriptions and easy-to-access consultation,” continued Breese. “We often hear from chain pharmacy customers that they either cannot get their pharmacist on the phone or that they have long hold times. At NowRx, our proprietary pharma fulfillment technology means that our pharmacists can focus on directly consulting with NowRx clients - either by phone (on the second ring) or instantly via video chat.”

Unlike mail-based services that keep consumers waiting for their medications - and that are not ideal for delivering medications that need special care (refrigeration, narcotics, urgent, etc.) - NowRx’s fleet of drivers, its mobile app and its pharmacy fulfillment center, enable rapid, free, same-day, hand delivery of all medications. And, unlike those mail-based services, NowRx’s local licensed pharmacists are only a phone call or video chat away. NowRx drivers are NowRx employees with safe driver training, background checks and training in health care privacy laws.

“We know that this industry is ripe for a modern service like ours that is personal, local, highly efficient and does not depend on mail deliveries or endless waits in pharmacy lines. Our new San Jose facility, and its advanced software and robotics technology, make this all possible,” concluded Breese.

Since launching in Mountain View, NowRx has filled over 100,000 prescriptions, served more than 17,000 customers, and has received prescriptions from more than 4,500 prescribing physicians.

Download the NowRx app for iOS devices or for Android devices here.

About NowRx
Founded in Mountain View in 2016, NowRx is dedicated to promoting better health and wellness through a quicker, easier, more reliable way to access – and adhere to - prescription medications. Unlike mail-based prescription services that make consumers wait for their medications and are limited to certain medications, NowRx pharmacy hand-delivers all available prescription medications door-to-door, on the same day, through its fleet of friendly, trained drivers. Using NowRx’s proprietary pharma-efficiency technology, NowRx’s team of pharmacists fill prescriptions at its locally-based, state-of-the-art, and fully-licensed pharmacies. With NowRx, consumers can reach their pharmacist on the second ring or instantly through video chat and will never, ever waste time in pharmacy waiting lines again. Learn more at

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