Your Local Pharmacy.

Free Same-Day Delivery.

Enjoy all the same services as your local drugstore – with prescription medications hand-delivered directly to you by friendly NowRx drivers.

To use NowRx services for any of your pharmacy needs:
Call or Text us on:
Call us or come visit us in Mountain View. We’ll take care of the rest.
To use NowRx services for any of your pharmacy needs:
Call or Text us on:
Call us or come visit us in Mountain View. We’ll take care of the rest.

How does it work?

NowRx means never having to wait in Pharmacy lines again. Your prescription will be delivered the same day!

We receive your prescription. No Hassle! Your doctor sends the prescription directly to us*.


We notify you upon fulfillment. We confirm your copay and will charge your card automatically.


Video chat with your pharmacist. Consult your pharmacist from wherever you are.


We deliver to you within 1 day. Skip the Pharmacy. We bring your order right to your door.

*Copies of paper prescriptions uploaded through the app are not valid until first verified by a licensed NowRx pharmacist and medications will only be dispensed upon validation and receipt of original paper prescription at the time of delivery.

The benefits?

Just a few of our benefits:
  • No more wasting time in pharmacy lines
  • No hassle, we get your prescription right from your doctor
  • Existing refills can be easily transferred
  • Relax while we bring prescriptions to your door
  • Leave your doctor and go straight home to your family or back to work without delay
  • Minimize exposure to germs in crowded pharmacies
Need more information?
Call 844-466-6979
Give us a call from Monday to Friday from 09:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Not an urgent matter? Send us an email!

About us

NowRx provides a trusted, reliable way to have your prescriptions delivered, from our local pharmacy, to your door in one hour. No more wasting time in pharmacy lines or making separate trips to the pharmacy.

NowRx also provides reminders to help you remember to take your medications and to process your refills, promoting better health and wellness for you and your family. In addition, with the NowRx video chat feature, you can speak to a trusted NowRx pharmacist on your own schedule.

Recently in the News

NowRx Expands with Launch of State-of-the-Art, Same-Day Delivery Pharmacy in San Jose

4000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility launched to meet demand for speedy filling and delivery of prescription medications; NowRx pharma-technology fills a prescription every 30 seconds; NowRx drivers provide free door-to-door delivery

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NowRx - #1 App You Need in Your Life! (TechAeris)

When you were little, you probably couldn’t wait to be a grown-up. Now, adulting isn’t as fun as many people envisioned, especially when it involves scrambling around to accomplish things at the last minute.

Fortunately, some apps ease your anxiety and cater to a tendency to procrastinate. Here are six adulting apps you need in your life.


No matter what kind of medication you take, you’re probably accustomed to taking prescription medicine and feeling a twinge of annoyance when you have only one or a few pills left. Or, perhaps you’ve been in an even worse scenario and discovered you took the last pill yesterday.

NowRx aims to help people avoid that situation by delivering prescriptions to your door in one hour. Your doctor sends in the documentation, and you’ll get billed for the proper amount to the card on file.

The app also shows your copay to prevent surprises and allows you to track the order status.

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NowRx is proud to be Finalist in TripleTree iAward!

“We are pleased to have been selected as a finalist for this year’s TripleTree iAwards,” said Cary Breese, CEO, NowRx. “The awards program provides strong validation of this historic opportunity to reconceive the $400 billion pharmacy industry, an industry that hasn’t been modernized for decades and is at the very core of the U.S. healthcare system.”

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